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Raw Chocolate Pudding



  • In blender layer water, sliced avocados, coconut palm sugar, vanilla and salt.
  • Blend until creamy, then add cacao powder until blended and smooth.
  • May add additional water to desired consistency.
  • Enjoy!

Raw Chocolate


(For 100% Cacao)

(For Semi-Sweet Chocolate)

  • 1/4 cup raw agave

In double boiler system (or large Pyrex measuring cup placed in pot of water  submerged about ¼ way up outside side of cup) melt cacao butter on over medium-low temperature.
Once butter is melted add agave (if desired) and mix well.

Add cacao powder, stirring slowly as to not create bubbles.

Depending on use for bars and chips pour liquid in form or mold.
For chunks, make big sheet of chocolate and when hardened, chop with knife into chunks.
Place in freezer 3-6min and enjoy!