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What our clients are saying...

"I have had back and neck problems for the last 12 years and have tried EVERY type of therapy and treatment out there without turning to surgery and I have had at least 100 massages in my life.  If I do say so myself, Michael was the BEST massage I have EVER had. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  He is obviously passionate about what he does while maintaining a high level of professionalism.  His continuous education into different methods and theories on massage therapy has most certainly benefited his skill set. He not only gave me the best massage ever, he also offered me recovery recommendations, exercise options and recommended some probiotics and vitamins to treat my other ailments.  He only made recommendations and advised I look into them on my own which was much appreciated. He even indicated I could email him with any questions as well.   He has made a follower out of me and I look forward to my next massage!"  ~ Cara L., Westchester, IL

"Absolutely amazing. Thought I knew what getting a massage was until Michael started working on my left shoulder that has been hurting for about 2 years. My boss is very impressed now with my range of motion and my significant reduced pain. Not only do I sleep better at night, I am able to work more efficiently. Would recommend to anyone with chronic issues that you are about ready to give up on. Michael understands how to loosen up muscles that have been extremely tight for years. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after though!!!"  ~ Peter B., Plano, TX

"I have been a long time client of Enlightened Hands Massage and Michael Bouvier.  Hands down the best therapeutic massage I've had.  In addition to pin point massage Michael's knowledge of muscles, nerves, nutrition, healing and overall body wellness is surpassed by none.  If you have gone to spas and gotten fluff massages you need to try Enlightened Hands Wellness and Massage.  If you want to be educated or re-educated on wellness, stretching or diet this is the place to go.  I recommend it to all my friends and family."  ~ William V., Chicago, IL

"As a massage therapist myself, I am pretty picky and have received a lot of massage.  My experience at Enlightened Hands was awesome.  I was worn-down from a busy Valentine's weekend of massage and in serious need of some attention to the low back and shoulders.  Michael addressed the areas I needed focused on perfectly.  It's very difficult to find a therapist that does great hip/glute area work without 1.) having to be told it's an issue and 2.) going beyond one's pain threshold.  His work to every part of the body was excellent.  I felt so much better after.  The space is also very nice- peaceful atmosphere and a pleasant layout.  As they do not have a big staff, the phone has to go unanswered sometimes but don't let that deter you!   They are very quick to get back to you.  I used the groupon deal but I will happily pay full price as well as make the 45 minute drive in the near future."  ~ Alyssa M., Chicago, IL

"I went there yesterday after shoveling snow on Wednesday.  My back has never felt better.  Money well spent, I will be back in the future." 

~ Michael B., Chicago, IL

"Great massage!  Michael knows all the clinical stuff to relieve pain and relax muscles, but his true gift is his intuition and knowing what the client needs.   Every time I've received bodywork from him, I am floating in relaxation land for the rest of the day." ~ Jen C., Moorhead, MN

"If you want a truly great, healing massage, you must see Michael at Enlightened Hands. And I highly recommend attending his next Wellness/Nutrition Seminar, if there is one. We should learn how to properly take care of our beautiful bodies!"  ~ Alina S., Chicago, IL

"By far the best massage I have received. I have had way too many 'fluff' massages and I feel that Michael really got the the core of my issues. His work is very therapeutic and rehabilitating while still taking me to a full body relaxation. Lots of amazing knowledge on food and supplements, as well. Their website says full body rehabilitation, and it is spot on. I feel like I am finally undoing many years of tension and damage and see the possibility for long term healing." 

~ Nadine, Chicago, IL

"I became a regular client after a trial with a Groupon deal.  I have had many massages over the years but their skills as practitioners of whole body care is far superior...a financial stretch for me to go regularly but so helpful to my overall health that I continue to go."  ~ Freyja C., La Grange, IL

"Best Massage Therapist Ever! Michael has been my massage therapist aiding in the total care and my over all well-being for years. His knowledge and experience (Nutrition Relaxtion & Exercise)- keeps my arm and shoulder in check. Highly Recommended!"  ~ Anna T., Rolling Meadows, IL

"Michael's pre-natal massage was wonderful.  I had a lot of pain in my back and immediately felt a difference after the massage.  Michael hit all the right spots - it was immediately obvious that he really knows his stuff."  ~ Joanne S., Hinsdale, IL

"Michael has great ability to find and alleviate pain.  I work out frequently and can really tell the difference when it's been a couple weeks without a massage.  He has great knowledge about the human body and how it functions and how to fix it.  I've become a lifetime fan!"  ~ Stacie H., Westmont, IL

"Being a massage therapist also, its hard to find a good massage therapist. Michael is one of the best around. His intuition and energy will leave you relaxed and energized. I have referred clients moving to the area to him."  ~ Carrie A., Princeville, IL

"Truly the best massage I've ever had!  I had a shoulder injury that was completely fixed.  They will personalize the massage specifically for your needs!  Great for just a nice relaxing massage as well.  Very knowledgeable and experienced.  I highly recommend them!"  ~ Larissa T., Sycamore, IL

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Our massage is a unique and integrated fusion of a variety of techniques perfected through years of training and practice. Each session is tailored specifically to the needs of the client, and may include deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, craniosacral and energy work. The client has the benefit of years of study and practice combined with the intuitive flow of the therapist for a corrective and therapeutic experience. 

Pre- and Post-natal massage also available.

Clients may choose a 60-minute between 60 and 90 minute sessions.